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 Weapon Skin Text Tutorial by Oomgawabanabaquasaiba

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PostSubject: Weapon Skin Text Tutorial by Oomgawabanabaquasaiba   Thu Mar 25, 2010 9:02 pm

1. Download a Skin from FPSBANANA.com
2. Open it using a winrar (win-rar.net)
3. Copy the Model Folder inside the downloaded file
4. Open your Steamapps Folder( Easily accessible from the find bar in the start menu).
5. Click on your Steam Id
6. Click on Condition Zero
7.Click on czero

8. Choose Models
9. Paste the Models folder that you copied in step 3.
10. Go in game and enjoy!

Have any questions Ask me on Steam - Quixy
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Weapon Skin Text Tutorial by Oomgawabanabaquasaiba
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